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Turnkey project handling & Assistance

As local businesses grow and global companies set a foot print in India, there is a high demand for world class logistics infrastructure which would serve the needs of a business for a span of 15 to 20 years. Companies are interested in designing efficient facilities and ensuring they have the right systems and equipment in place that complement their business requirements from a macro-level planning horizon perspective. There is a need for partners who can take up end-to-end ownership for turnkey projects as opposed to vendors who offer piecemeal solutions

On Time and On Budget

Our skilled development and construction professionals have a unique track record of completing high-quality turnkey projects throughout the country. Over the successful development of millions of square feet of projects, we have established a rigorous, streamlined turnkey project management process that produces the most cost-efficient and time-efficient results. This rigor gives us the confidence to assume all accountability as your single source of delivery. This means your project will be on time and on budget.

we pride ourselves with the following qualities in our Turnkey Project Management vertical:

Our typical turnkey project management services involve the following: